Hi there, I'm Alex Demin from Yekaterinburg, Russia

Topics I cover in my blog

  • My main goal is to create personal SaaS projects and bring them to income. All my activity is built around this. I study, experiment, and tell about my progress in this field.
  • I research new startup ideas, study new niches and trends, and tell about my findings.
  • I build tools for myself: social media automation, advertising automation, delegation and crowdsourcing. And tell about the progress.
  • I'm looking for ideas on how to improve businesses of entrepreneurs. I conduct surveys, do customer development, identify business problems where I could help.
  • I continuously improve my knowledge in Laravel framework, API integrations, and automation.
  • I experiment on my productivity improvements.

How can I be useful to entrepreneurs

  • I develop automation platforms and API integrations in the HR-tech, Ad-tech, Sales-tech niches.
  • If your business has tasks that require automation - let me know, there's a good chance I can help.

Recent projects that I have completed on a freelance basis

My pet-projects, which I build for myself

  • A personal dashboard that automates the following tasks for me:
  • [ done! ] Aggregating projects from Upwork API, applying my custom filters and scoring. I'm notified in Telegram about the most relevant projects only, which dramatically saves my time.
  • [ done! ] Parsing of new trend-analytics and startups news. Generating a prioritized list of materials to study. Working through one window.
  • [ done! ] Syncing with Producthunt API. Aggregating my own copy of their startup DB, clean from dead sites. Searching with my custom filters. Quick look at new upvoted startups in the niches of my interest.
  • [ doing... ] Social media automation, networking automation with entrepreneurs, conducting surveys, reposting to Facebook, VK, Linkedin, Smartprogress, Twitter, multi-language support (rus/en), exctracting comments/messages, working through one window.
  • [ todo ] Q&A questionnaires, needed to conduct surveys in social networks
  • [ todo ] Advertising automation, management of ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct, Google.Ads, Facebook, VK, Linkedin, automatic conversion optimization and bid management
  • [ todo ] Automation of delegation, assignment of small tasks (data collection, surveys, etc.) through the freelance platforms API's, auto-verification of work results

Hopefully, some of them will grow to a separate project some day.

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day and a productive week! 😊